Haiti Relief Organization – NEGES Foundation

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Haiti Relief Organization – NEGES Foundation

Mission: To provide the community in Leogane, Haiti with a Nest for Educational Growth and Environmental Safety.

Vision: NEGES Foundation serves as a model in community outreach. We would like to see a duplication of the services that NEGES is offering in other parts of Haiti. Léogâne will serve as a clearinghouse for trained specialists and a training center for other organizations that want to start similar projects of community development and social awareness in their communities.

About the NEGES Foundation:

Since February 1997, NEGES has served as a vital Haitian-American led not-for profit 501(c) 3 organization. Operating in Léogâne, we work with townspeople and post-earthquake internally displaced families in Dampus (a rural area with three encampments). We work to create systemic change to impoverished communities through education, capacity building, and health initiatives.

Our 8-acre campus offers education, health and environmental safety programs. We have hosted, staffed and programmed a bilingual (Kreyol and French) elementary school, teacher trainings, and summer camp. We also have a hospitality & volunteer center, an herbal medicine shop, a food-crop nursery, and an internet cafe.

The rebuilt NEGES school reopened this fall, enrolling more than 160 children kindergarten through level 4, and we plan to add a grade each year through high school. Although most parents are unable to pay their tuition fees since the earthquake, we are making every effort to ensure that no child is denied an education.

Our long term priorities are to build on post-earthquake needs and existing programs. This includes a community Learning Center and Technical Institute/ University to equip townspeople with skills in all areas of sustainable community development. Our methodology includes utilizing best practices of bottom up collaborative community education and environmental development.

These goals have been slowed down by the enormous responsibilities we took on following the 2010 earthquake, which demolished our buildings including a hospitality and volunteer center for 20, our school buildings, our internet café, and our restaurant. We also had to support the staff displaced and left unemployed by the earthquake, help a community of 150 families to secure tents, water and food supplies. Our largely volunteer leadership took on the bulk of this work.

Since that time, we have re-opened the Botanica with natural remedies. We have developed a women’s community resource center — LAKAY FANM Léogâne — which is dedicated to the women of Léogâne.

We have also completed a water resource development and sanitation program, small-scale rural enterprise programs, women’s leadership training and empowerment, and democracy promotion.

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