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TheCommuNETy Collaborative Marketing

Different businesses have the same customers, that’s the basis of collaborative marketing.

TheCommuNETy vision is a group of small businesses that grow together by sharing their internet audience and customers on the same website,  We call it Collaborative Marketing.

What is TheCommuNETy Collaborative Marketing is like a mall of website pages.  Each participating business has a marketing webpage created to fulfill its goal and it is also connected to every other member’s page.    In this way when any member’s post is found on Google or seen on Facebook, all the members benefit.

To get the most internet exposure, each of TheCommuNETy posts is search engine optimized and shared on social media platforms.

TheCommuNETy-Member Package and Benefits


There are two packages for membership in TheCommuNETy. Both come with the creative production (writing, SEO, basic media) included in the package and are shared on social media.

The first is Full membership with a search optimized business post and Rewards listing with a special offer (if desired). Full member posts are  easily reached from all TheCommuNETy pages.

The second is Rewards membership where the business gets listed on TheCommuNETy Rewards page with a link to a landing page .

An additional benefit from being a member of TheCommuNETy isthat the post and the links in it all add credibility to the way search engine robots treat the business and are likely to raise its ranking in searches.

Choose the membership that’s right for you.  There is no long term obligation.

$9.99/month or $99.98/year
-Rewards Offer listed on TheCommuNETy Rewards Page
-Rewards Landing Page
- Shared on TheCommuNETy Facebook page
$19.99/month or $199.98/year
-Search Optimized Post with media
-Included in TheCommuNETy database, searches and ads
-Rewards Offer option
-Shared on TheCommuNETy Facebook page
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