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Videography and Photography Wedding
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Videography and Photography

People Like Us is a group of creative professional videographers and photographers who are experienced in different assignments and styles of work.  Our clients are corporations, small businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, theaters, galleries and individuals such as chefs, artists, musicians, instructors, and authors. We also provide our services for social occasions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and memorials.

As videographers we are hired to record at events and edit concise programs that present their essence. Documentaries about people, organization, projects and different topics tell realistic stories. We create music videos that either show a performance or enhance the music through an evocative film.  Instructional and educational videos we’ve produced range from cooking to car repair, to financial planning to music history.

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Videography and PhotographyInterviews and Performances

Over the years we have videoed many different performances from dancers, to opera singers, to plays, to concerts of classical music, hip hop and rock.

We have also videoed numerous interviews including oral histories, and with authors, and artists.





Videography and PhotographySpeeches, Lectures, Panels

We record keynote addresses, lectures, speeches and readings and then edited them with titles and credits so that they are complete programs.  These are uploaded to the web and published on DVD’s.

They not only preserve and further the audience for the content, but are also very useful for fundraising.





Videography and Photography

Advertising and Promotions

We create advertising and promotion videos for small businesses and organizations.  These are shown on websites, sent in emails and newsletters and also stand independently on youtube where they show up in searches.






Artists and Gallery ExhibitionsVideos of Artists

As artists we know and work with other artists.  Gallery exhibits offer an opportunity for to show a range of work in context.  Artists at work and documentaries give a chance to get a feeling for the person and the process of making art.






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