Wedding Officiant Non Denominational Lisel Burns

Brooklyn Wedding Officiant Non Denominational Lisel Burns
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Lisel Burns is a licensed  wedding officiant New York who has officiated at many non-denominational, interfaith and Humanist weddings.  Custom marriage ceremonies are created by the wedding couple with Lisel, often using readings from her collection.

She is the owner of the CommunityBeGood guest house  in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

She is Leader Emeritus of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture.

For over 18 years she has been a wedding officiant New York .  She been the officiant for dozens of interfaith,  secular,  non-denominational,  Humanist,  and same sex weddings.

When a couple asks her to be their wedding officiant she helps them create a ceremony and vows that express their ideals and personality. She also has the experience to help with creating a ceremony that includes the elements of a traditional  wedding to honor the values of all family members and guests.

Lisel has collected wedding readings that are a resource for an interfaith or non-denominational wedding ceremony.

If you are planning to get married and are looking for a wedding officiant in New York for a non-denominational or interfaith ceremony you can contact Lisel Burns by phone at 917-seven 44-4389 or email her at communitybegood (at)


What is a Wedding Officiant New York

A wedding officiant, or marriage celebrant, is a civil officer who officiates at marriages, commitment ceremonies, and civil unions.

In most cases the wedding officiant is an authorized ordained member of the clergy, or a public official such as a judge, mayor, or city clerk. In New York City the wedding officiant must be registered with the City of New York.

Religious wedding ceremonies are usually held in a church, synagogue, or other house of faith. Interfaith weddings, secular and Humanist weddings are most often ceremonies held in other venues including outdoors.

While there are legal requirements for a marriage, there are no restrictions on what makes a legal wedding ceremony. Before the date of the marriage ceremony a marriage license must be obtained from the office of the New York City Clerk or other city clerk office in any of the boroughs. The license must be obtained at least 24 hours before the wedding and is good for 60 days. With the New York City Clerk the process can be started online. The fee is $35.

Following the wedding the signed wedding license needs to be completed and filed with the City Clerk.

A wedding ceremony and vows can be original or a compilation of different ceremonies. In many cases a custom ceremony is created with the assitance of the wedding officiant. Interfaith weddings often include rituals from the religious traditions of both the bride and the groom.

A wedding officant may meet with the couple prior to the wedding so that the ceremony is more personal and based on a mutual relationship. This meeting is also an opportunity to begin creating the ceremony by looking at suggested readings and examples of other wedding ceremonies.

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